Asbestos, PCB, Lead, Lead Paint, Mercury, Light Tube and Mold Removal by Specialty Environmental






Asbestos / Lead Paint - Residential & Commercial Abatement

  Specialty Environmental has completed a variety of projects for as little as $150 to major projects over $1,000,000. We utilize the most cost effective, state of the art abatement methods and equipment. 

Certified Lead Supervisor and Lead Assessor are available for removal and remediation, lead testing, evaluation and preparation of written site specific work plan. 

Surveys for remodeling, re-roofing and demolition are completed by AHERA Certified Inspectors as required per local and state regulations.  
Mold Testing and Remediation
  Certified Mold Technicians can perform a variety of testing that includes bulk samples and air testing to determine the type and amount of mold spores that are present.  It's always recommended to repair any moisture problems to prevent further growth.


  Our experience is for all types of insulation for commercial as
well as Industrial applications. The company has experience
throughout Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

Blastrac Floor Surfacing Preparation

   SEI uses the Blastrac floor surface preparation stystem. Shot blasting is a "one-step" method that shrips, cleans and etches all at once, leaving the surface dry and chemical free without generating dust pollution. This allows coatings, stains, or new sealers to be applied immediately after floor preparation. The Blastrac machine is primarily known as an all-purpose cleaning and profiling tool for concrete floors, parking decks, road surfaces, ship decks, storage tanks, stone facades, and flagstone walkways.
PCB & Light Tube Removal
  SEI can safely remove and package all your PCB for removal
and disposal needs. We have trained and experienced staff
ready to service all your needs.
For your residential and commercial insulation needs, please visit:  
Specialty Insulation, Inc

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